About Us

About Us


Thank you for visiting NEPAL PHOTOSANSAR. By now, if you have read the verified online reviews from www.npswebs.com, you know that we do a really good job of making our trophy and award customers happy.  What you may not know, is how we make sure that our customers are so satisfied.

     It all started in 2009, when we decided we could make the process of buying trophies way, way better.  It is hard to imagine, but back then, buying trophies required at least a couple of trips to a trophy store followed by several weeks of waiting for the awards to be ready to be picked up, and then yet another visit to the store to pick up the awards.  We thought it might be a better idea just to choose your trophy from the comfort of your home or office, and have the trophies magically appear on you doorstep, while you saved a bunch of money.  So that is what we decided to do.

     We built a cheap website with 100 awards or so, rented a small warehouse (a large garage might be a more accurate description), and bought a bunch of product so that we could build and ship awards the next day. So far, so good.  Just one little problem:  we knew we had a great idea, but no one else knew that we had this great idea.  That is a big problem for any business.

     And then we got lucky. A couple of little, unknown companies with name like “Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Viber & so many others  came along and made it easy to find us on the web. And customers did indeed find us, and things got “interesting” fast.  Some things were predictable: we almost immediately needed more people, more space, more equipment, etc.  Other things were a bit more surprising.  For instance we were so fast, that customers would call and angrily claim that their order could not possibly have delivered already since they just placed it that morning. All in all, those early days were hectic and fun.

     Fast forward a few years and our “warehouse” is now a really big – 3000 square feet in fact.  Our cheap little website with 100 or so trophies is no longer so simple and boasts 1500  or so awards.  Our staff of 2 is now over 20.

     Despite this growth, we have maintained the same core values that center around having fun and empowering all employees to do whatever is necessary to please our customers.  Since customer satisfaction is so ingrained in our culture, in late 2017 we decided to allow all of our customers to post about their order experience directly to our home page, without our prior review.  The response was so overwhelmingly positive, we were afraid that new visitors to the site would not believe the comments were written by actual customers.  So, provide verified ratings and comments.  This transparency makes us better.  When we make a mistake, we know that the way we handle the error will be posted openly for the whole world to see. That is a huge incentive to ALWAYS do the right thing, the first time, every time.

     When you order from us, we hope to amaze you with our friendly staff, our speed, our quality and our low prices.  You may not be as impressed with the boxes we use to delivered our products.   That is because we reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible.  We know that using older boxes may hurt our brand image, but it is a price we are willing to pay to do the right thing.  When there are no other recyclable boxes available, we do use pretty Nepal Photosansar Awards printed boxes, but mostly, we try to do the right thing.  Speaking of which, we banned those frustrating packing peanuts from the building in 2015, so you never have to deal with them.

     We believe that if we do not continue to improve our processes and products, we would be both bored and uncompetitive in a really short time.  As a result, we are constantly looking for new products, testing new processes and hiring the best people we know.  Speaking of our employees: we are here to help. So please call us with any questions or comments.  We truly want to make your day better.

From all of us at Nepal Photosansar Pvt.ltd family.